Workplace Policy

Welcome to AR Webcrafts, a leading software company specializing in data science, quality assurance, and web development services. Our company values its employees as the driving force behind its success. This comprehensive work policy outlines our commitment to a balanced, flexible work environment that supports our team members and the company’s goals.

Hybrid Work Model

At AR Webcrafts, we understand the importance of flexibility and its benefits to our employees’ productivity and work-life balance. We have adopted a hybrid work model that combines both in-office and remote work options. This approach enables employees to choose a work arrangement that suits their needs while ensuring collaboration and efficiency within the team.

Office and Remote Work

Work Hours and Expectations

Leave Policy

Flexible Work Arrangements

Communication and Collaboration

Code of Conduct

Security and Confidentiality

Continuous Learning

AR Webcrafts thriving work environment is built on trust, flexibility, and mutual respect. This work policy reflects our commitment to providing our employees with the support they need to excel while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Thank you for being an integral part of our team!

If you have any questions or require further clarification about any aspect of this work policy, please don’t hesitate to contact the Human Resources department via email: [email protected]

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